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⨺c is a short form of Atelier De Charlotte Csaséwfara, also known as Atelier Charlotte C and Atelier De C Ć, a studio of Charlotte Csaséwfara in a nutshell.  

⨺ shapes the idea of letter - A (Atelier) and the elements of nature like mountains and its symbolic value which represents a sense of exploration and adventure, as well as an ascension toward the spiritual world.


⨺c is a selective store which offers an assiduously curated selection of garments, accessories, objects and art. Our offerings are consciously selected from the work of designers and artists who embody the ethereal, exquisite quality at the core of our vision. 


⨺c collection which is founded by Charlotte Csaséwfara, She hopes to create visual designs and accessories which all lean towards simple aesthetics, and yet on-trend edgy look!

⨺c travels a lot and explores this and that all along the journey, in order to bring the  intriguing and enthralling thingy to our customers. 


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The authorized partners for light wedding gowns:


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