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ARRO was started from the experience of being attracted by the resonance of embroidery and clothes when the designer was working in the apparel industry.Accessories of the fictional country” as the theme, ethnic view of the world is created with the design made from the modern interpretations of the textiles from around the world, and with the machine embroidery.


The main material Lebis use is polymer clay - a type of hardenable non-toxic modeling clay which is used to make toys, plastic trays, kitchen supplies, pens, even furniture, and window frames. And then designer assembled all the premade beads with brass jewelry findings.


Seoul-based womenswear brand founded in 2020.

LE LOFT initially inspired by loft house

which is a flexible open space where it could

feel creative and artistic vibes.


⨺c collection which is founded by Charlotte Csaséwfara, She hopes to create visual designs and accessories which all lean towards simple aesthetics, and yet on-trend edgy look!


조금 다른 시선으로 꽃을 바라봅니다.
구조적인 실루엣과 미니멀한 디자인을 연구합니다.

We look at flowers from a novel angle,
examining their structured silhouette and minimal design.

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