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Made in Latvia

Lebis: So the main material I use is polymer clay - a type of hardenable non-toxic modeling clay which is used to make toys, plastic trays, kitchen supplies, pens, even furniture, and window frames. And then I assembled all the premade beads with brass jewelry findings. I use brass because I like the color of it, but I must say that with time it can start to tarnish a bit, but it can easily be cleaned using toothpaste or baking soda. 🙂

I was obsessed with monochrome color palette and minimalism, I guess not many people liked that. I somehow started to use more colors (obviously because of spring 😃 and I guess that's one thing that inspired me then), but I still kept that minimalist approach in my designs. And people fall in love with them IMMEDIATELY that made me SO HAPPY! I'm really proud that I have finally found my own unique style in this huge jewelry world! 🙂

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